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Violent Physics-Based Sandbox Game
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GoreBox Description

GoreBox is an extremely violent Physics-based sandbox game.

GoreBox has no goal as of now, I made it because there weren't any Gorey sandbox games on Mobile up until now.
In GoreBox, you can mess around with Cars, Weapons, NPCs, Explosives, Fragile stuff and much more to come!

This project is finished and will be overhauled by early 2020.
Stay tuned for GoreBox 2!

I will write a tutorial on how to use the Toolgun down below since I know that people will get confused:

Hold down the "Attack" button to use the Primary power of the Toolgun and Click on the "Secondary Power" button to use, guess what? the Secondary Power!

You can change the Toolguns power in the sandbox menu which can be opened and closed by tapping the little chest in play mode.

You can spawn items by selecting something in the sandbox menu and using the Toolgun's spawn power.

Hope that's enough, Have Fun!

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