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Hwahae - analyzing cosmetics

Hwahae - analyzing cosmetics

For people who want to check the ingredients of cosmetics. Join 'Hwahae' now!
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Hwahae - analyzing cosmetics Description

Ever frustrated by overwhelming information when buying cosmetics?
We can help you! Use ‘Hawhae’ app and buy cosmetics smartly :)

[Cosmetics ingredient analysis]
- We provide ingredient information of cosmetic and beauty products
- You can easily check whether the product contains potentially harmful ingredients and whether those ingredients are matching your skin type or not

[Product reviews from people having similar skin type]
- You can filter product reviews by skin type, age, skin trouble of reviewers
- Don’t waste your time for filtering out reviews from people whose skin condition is different from yours

[Trustful reviews of real product users]
- We inspect all reviews very strictly in order to remove sponsored reviews that can harm the neutrality of our service
- We only present reviews passing 11 strict internal conditions

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