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Smoke Hollow

Smoke Hollow

More Smoke…More Flavor. Ready for the best tasting food ever....
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Smoke Hollow Description

More Smoke…More Flavor. Ready for the best tasting food ever. Enjoy the best in smoking technology and versatility with the Smoke Hollow Smoke-Tronix Digital Smoker. With Smoke-Tronix you are in control of your Bluetooth Smart connected device. Add smoke flavor to your favorite food in the widest range of temperatures in the market.

Cold Smoke - Fruits, Cheese and Fish in temperature ranges from 50F to 125F
Hot Smoke - your favorite meats in temperature ranges from 125F to 290F
Fast Smoke - get wood chips going in under 10 minutes

Choose from many preset meat probe temperatures or preset your own temperature. Share your results with your friends and family. Either way you will enjoy serving your family and guests better than restaurant quality food. Enjoy and Share.

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