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Brion James Music

Brion James Music

The Music of Brion James from the 'Dan Reed Network'....
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Brion James Music Description

The Music of Brion James from the 'Dan Reed Network'. This app contains all of the songs from the latest album 'Crossroads' and the videos plus all of Brion James's previous albums including 'Heal', 'Good Times' and 'Snorkel Test'. It also contains many never released songs and original versions of songs released by the 'Dan Reed Network' As a bonus, the app contains the album 'No Escape' by B.A.M. You'll be able to scroll thru all the albums, make playlist and watch all the videos. Also included is a calendar of upcoming shows and events. This is a must have, one of a kind app for all dedicated fans of the Network and Brion James.

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