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La Ban Phong Thuy Theo Tuoi

La Ban Phong Thuy Theo Tuoi

We would like to introduce Feng Shui Compass app by age of the owner.
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La Ban Phong Thuy Theo Tuoi Description

Laban Phong Thuy According to Tuoi

We would like to introduce compass apps combined with the good and bad in the Feng Shui direction with high accuracy. The principle is the person who combines supply heading East quartet par par, the house belongs to the East towards the blame. And Those who are heading west as the quartet destined for the west of the blame will create better airflow. If the opposite combination will create negative air flow - hung harm.

East and West quarterfinals quarterfinals par par
- East quartet destined includes: Delivery Got, Mosaic, Ton, Ly
- West quartet destined includes: Delivery rolling, rolling, Đoài, Kun

Orientations are divided into East and West blame blame
- East blame:
Consuming scouts - south east
Mosaic scouts - Northbound
Ly Trach - Southbound
Got Trach - east
- West blame:
Qian scouts - north west
Đoài scouts - West
Kun scouts - Southwest
Doi Trach - Northeast

Vitality: Properties star Tham Lang, is so good; attract wealth, fame, promoted to finance the development. Owner of vitality, beneficial for his son, good for reputation, create vitality for humans, strong sexuality. If gas which unfortunately have toilets, closets, ... it or lose classifieds, unemployment, premature birth, many illnesses.

Thien Health: Cancer Mon Properties star, is so good; improve health, longevity. Home of good health, good for women, fortune prosperity, eradicate disease, stabilize mood, have a good sleep, often supporting human wealth and innovations. If God care which unfortunately have toilets, closets, ... then chronic disease, cancer.

Dien aged: Of Star Dance, is so good; strengthen family relationships, love. This is the direction of peace, good and diplomatic career, with other relationships, conjugal harmony, longevity increases, less enemies, calculated détente, women have a good partner. If the unfortunate young Dien toilets, closets, ... then or non-market argument, not peaceful homes.

Apparel position belongs stars Ta Phu, is why good; strengthen the spirit, bring your own progress, luck in examinations. This is the direction of peace, calm, conducive to the altar. Firmware for the home, men and women love, commitment and good financial possibilities, between parents and children a good wife but sexual decline. If you unfortunately Easter toilets, closets .... homeowners are impatient, always feel restlessness.

Suicide: Army Of Star Break, very bad; bankruptcy, deadly disease. If Great destiny that built toilets, closets, the homeowners have better health, increased longevity, good fate children, have an operation. If suicide in good position (doors, bedroom, kitchen): employers intractable disease, dissection, crash, theft, the people feel calm, calculating every outrageous, sad guilt, sorrow, melancholy, taciturn, inhibiting mental fate ungrateful children.

Five demons: Properties star Liem Trinh, is so bad; loss of income, loss of work, brawler. If the devil is five toilets, warehouses, it can turn bad to good. If supply is well positioned Five Devils (doors, bedrooms, kitchens), the diffusion of the unprovoked strikes, people have the ability to touch the knife dissection, cancer, non-market scandal, lost theft, bankruptcy, fires.

Luc watch: Properties star Ton Loc, bad; disturbance in a romantic relationship, hatred, lawsuits, accidents. If Luc is close to toilets, indoor warehouse, the right mindset, with the peach blossom and beneficial to the coast road. If supply is well positioned close Luc (doors, bedrooms, kitchens), the obstacles of love, the couple often quarreled, career no good. Particularly men did not care to eat, gambling or alcohol.

Textures harm: Properties star Loc Ton, bad; unfortunately, non-market, defeat. If damage is Hoạ toilets, indoor warehouses, the peace, harmony, good health, the agency does not occur. If damage is well positioned Hoạ (doors, bedrooms, kitchens), the house was divided, the ears, tired of the chore, or complainant with outsiders, financial losses.

Determine the direction in par depend on your digital monsters. After you calculate the hell of the reference to the table below for further directions, bad directions:

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