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Triviador Slovenija

Triviador Slovenija

Quiz rapid pace, more dedicated players strateteški and exciting
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Triviador Slovenija Description

Triviador is a unique game that offers much more than a simple quiz. Osvajaj Raid territories and castles while not reply to interesting questions. Test your knowledge and application skills strategy.
Join the competition enters the tournament and win the highest place in the rankings and pick up bonuses!
Reach the highest league with a well-chosen strategy! Beat your opponents and become the champion of knowledge!
successful communities
Establish a clan (or join existing ones), Play and Chat with thousands of enthusiasts. Invite your friends to a friendly game, assessment questions, sent to it by the players, or force creation of new questions.
Empire JOY
Customize your world - create a unique avatar, expand their village and upgrade their buildings with acquired awards and gold. Be creative and expand your empire skills!
Play Triviador on any device, anywhere! Start the PC and continue on your mobile phone or on the plate when you're on the go, without losing your progress. Triviador the definition of games on multiple platforms.
Internet: www.triviador.net
Twitter: @triviador
Facebook: www.facebook.com/triviador/
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/TriviadorGame

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