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Volvo On Call

Volvo On Call

The official Volvo On Call app
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Volvo On Call Description

This official Volvo On Call app allows you to interact with your Volvo from your Android phone and Wear device. You will among other things be able to do the following:

• Lock and unlock your Volvo remotely.
• Start, stop and set timers for your Volvo parking heater or cabin climate.
• Start and stop your engine remotely.
• Locate your Volvo on a map and make it honk and blink to help you find it.
• Find and send a destination to your Volvo navigation system.
• Check whether your Volvo is locked and if any doors or windows are open.
• Get a notification if you leave your Volvo unlocked or if the alarm is triggered.
• Request roadside assistance.
• Check your Volvo dashboard status, such as fuel and battery level, trip meters and more.
• Access your driving journal; categorize trips, rename trips, see fuel and battery consumption, speed, see your trips on a map and send the driving journal by email.

Download now and try the demo mode!

Volvo vehicle requirements: Volvo On Call requires a Volvo model year 2012 (North America requires model year 2015.5) equipped with a Volvo On Call Telematics unit and a valid Volvo On Call subscription. Features available depend on your Volvo model and configuration.

What we use your permissions for:
• Location - Show where you are on a map in relation to your vehicle
• Contacts - Allow searching for contacts’ addresses and sending them to your vehicle
• Calendar - Send addresses attached to upcoming appointments to your vehicle
• Storage - Export contents of driving journal to your device
• (Before Android 6.0) Photos/Media/Files - Export contents of driving journal to your device

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