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Toptracer Range

Toptracer Range

The official Toptracer Range app. Installed at more than 225...
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Toptracer Range Description

The official Toptracer Range app. Installed at more than 225 ranges in 25 countries, Toptracer Range delivers range guests the same ball-tracing technology seen during professional golf tournament TV broadcasts. Toptracer Range offers an engaging, tech-driven experience for golfers who want to improve their game and compete with friends in games for beginners and scratch golfers alike.

- This app is the best way to enhance your Toptracer Range experience.
- Track and analyze your shot history, by golf club
- See how your performance in games compares to others on local and global leaderboards
- Practice and see your live shot traces and data within the app
- Record and share your swing videos with live ball trace and shot data included

Note: This app can only be used with Toptracer-enabled driving ranges. App features vary by the Toptracer Range configuration installed at each range.

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