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The benefits of SKT's abundant life, T membership! Discounts from various affiliate brands, Enjoy shopping / culture / travel benefits only for T membership!
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T멤버십 Description

SKT's rich life, T membership!
Get discounts from various affiliate brands,
Enjoy shopping/culture/travel benefits exclusive to T-membership!

[main function]
1. Get more recommendations, recommendations for my recent benefits!
2. Do not miss the hot brand benefits these days, Hot&New!
3. Anytime, anywhere convenient benefits, membership card!
4. Collect and look at all membership benefits, all benefits!
5. At a glance, the T-membership benefits I enjoyed, My Page!
6. Without using the membership application, just use the membership card, widget!

[Required Authority]
-Make a call: Direct phone connection to affiliated brand affiliated stores and customer centers

[Selection rights]
-Location information: Search for nearby affiliate brand benefits and recommend regional-based missions
-Address Book: Google account information check
* You can use the service even if you do not agree to the optional access rights, but the functions that require those rights may be restricted.

[Information Use]
-Users who do not subscribe to T membership may be restricted from using some services.
-For smooth use of the T-membership app, please update the terminal OS and app to the latest version.
-Since the app is designed for Android 6.0 or higher, selective consent/withdrawal of access rights is not possible when using a terminal that is less than 6.0. After contacting the terminal manufacturer, we recommend upgrading to Android 6.0 or higher. If you do not want to use the app, select "Disable"/"Disable" in "Terminal Settings> Application Information> T Membership". (Some may differ depending on the terminal version.)
-For inquiries about using the app, please contact the T Membership Customer Center (114).
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