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Block Game - collect the blocks

Block Game - collect the blocks

Block Game – is a new free game of the year 2018 for brain-teaser lovers.
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Block Game - collect the blocks Description

Block Game – is a very exciting brain-teaser with blocks which are to be located in a form. A simple rectangle or a square as well as a more complicated shape can be the form for locating the blocks in. All the gamer needs is to collect all these blocks for them to be located in a form.

What makes our game better than the similar Block games?

- A new game of the year 2018
- A large number of interesting tasks
- Unbelievable and modern design

- The gameplay is quite easy, all the blocks must be collected in a form. At the same time, as the level upgrades, the number of blocks will increase like the complicity of the form itself, which makes the game incredibly absorbing and compelling.

- the game was developed in 2018, so you will find a great number of interesting tasks you have never seen before. More than 700 levels with various blocks, shapes and figures.

Play without Wi-Fi!
- Play our game easily without Internet connection.

Brain-teaser for adults and kids
- The game is suitable for both adults and kids. The game can be played by children aged over 3 as we have developed all the levels for 5 groups according to their complication. That’s why our brain-teaser is for the whole family.

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